Surefoot is a design studio that works with you to help communicate more effectively with your audience. I love coming up with new ideas but often all that’s needed is for me to bring your own ideas to life.


My name is Nat Wagstaff and I first met design putting together graphical art pieces in the last two years of school. After that I was so hungry for the industry experience that while doing my degree in graphic design, I worked part-time for a small studio based in the owner’s garage.

I then got the opportunity to properly cut my teeth as a designer. I begun working for a marketing agency that, over the years, gave me increased responsibility to work on and manage projects, from initial ideas to the final product. With a client base of international charities, non-profit organisations and private schools, I gained skills in generating a wide range of materials.


Why Surefoot? 

There’s a verse in the Bible that reads, “He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights”.

I’ve had a number of encounters with deer running across the road in front of me on my commute home, but there was one occasion that stuck with me. I was the only driver on a stretch of straight country road when a stag confidently strolled into view from the darkness. Despite the large bulk of metal and bright lights heading towards it, there was defiant pause in its step as it gave me a resolute look before continuing on its path.

From that experience onwards, the stag has reminded me of the surefooted foundation I have as my confident starting point. It is the obvious choice of name and symbolism as I move forward, using the full breadth of my skill set to help my clients.

Surefoot is about me taking the initiative and connecting with exciting people, doing what they’re passionate about, and working with them to reach new heights. 

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