Belong Magazine

An informative and inspirational magazine that appeals to both members and visitors.

The first issue of Belong magazine was a great success, which of course raises the expectation placed on the second. In the early planning stages of this issue I took another look at how I could better achieve the original goals.

One of the key things we wanted from Belong was for it to be relevant to both members and visitors of New Life Church. To achieve this the narrative needed to steer clear of using “in house” terms, while maintaining the churches unique voice and core message.

This required me to rewrite some of the sections that were carried forward from the first issue. I frequently consulted with co-editor and elder of the church, Steve McVeigh, to ensure the original essence of the wording was not lost or dumbed down.

We were creating a magazine, not a newsletter. To highlight this even more in the second issue, I further refined the typeface choices, increased the number of articles and gave more space for those articles, allowing them to really stand out.

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