Patch Designs

Designing military inspired morale patches for an international market.

Team Rubicon USA

The first patch I designed was sold through my blog as a fundraiser for Team Rubicon USA. I sold 500 patches and raised $2,171.98 to go towards their work with military veterans. Since then Team Rubicon have stocked the patch in their own store and I’ve recently completed three more commissioned patch designs. Visit the Team Rubicon Store here.

Team Rubicon UK

There is a culture of honour among military veterans that continues way beyond active service. The awarding of an “Operation” patch to every individual involved in responding to a disaster is something they consider key to being part of the TRibe.

The constant element to a new patch brief is that, while still being distinctly an Operations patch, they should each be unique. From the snow shovels that shifted mud during Wordsworth, to the Gurkha flash present on the Nepal based Nirman patch, each design reflects the operation in some way. Find out more about Team Rubicon UK here.

Pack Config

Here are a number of patch designs that I have sold through my own website. This has required management of promotion, manufacturing, sales, distribution and customer service for an international market. Visit the Pack Config Store here.

Other patch commissions

Over the years I have worked with a variety of companies and brands to create unique bespoke patches. These have often been used to help create revenue, but also as a memorable gift to give away to participants or followers.

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