New Life Church

Bringing an already thriving church into the digital age of media and communication.

When I first sat down with New Life Church they were looking for a new website. But by first taking a step back and looking at the foundations of a brand identity, particularly one that would work with their future plans, the right building blocks were in place to start the website design.

I crafted their logo mark to reflect their Open Doors Network, giving it a longevity that the previous mark lacked. I then developed further elements of the brand to ensure a consistency of messaging across all media.

The website was in desperate need of an overhaul and I chose to start with a completely clean slate. To make the design process as smooth as possible, I started by working on mapping out the journey my client wanted their site visitors to take. Then, with some technical input from the man behind Greenbird WP, I developed an accessible, user-friendly site.

By using WordPress as a platform the staff members can update the website themselves. The clean, uncluttered design keeps it accessible for a wide audience and the website has already been instrumental in bringing in new visitors.

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